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Drop-offs, Pick-ups & Tours - protocol changes  since covid 19

Great News!  The recent pandemic helped us create new procedures that have noticeably enhanced our care! 

dogs playing

We noticed that most pet’s do best with quick goodbyes and are happier and more comfortable letting us bring them to and from their vehicles at drop off and pick up, avoiding being in our lobby with other pets and their parents has overall helped  to enhance the pets experience and allows them to settle into a routine and focus on enjoying their time with us and that getting all of the pets care instructions ahead of time on Gingr avoids prolonged checkin times for clients eager to get started with their own vacation as well.  

dog playing in snow

So, as a result of your feedback- We are happy to announce we are going to continue with curbside drop off and pick up for all overnight guests!  All of our Tuition daycare dogs will also continue to drop off and pick up in our secured gated area.  

During the pandemic,  we noticed that our overnight guests are significantly more relaxed with the decreased number of strangers walking through the resort and with only staff members being allowed inside the building we can transition pets from one area to another in a safer, more efficient manner. For this reason we will continue at this time to forgo tours as their comfort, safety, and happiness are our top priorities. 

dogs in a park

We have also received so much positive feedback on our new report cards from Gingr and will continue to update you on your pets stay with us using this system which allows us to share some photos so you can join in on the fun!   

Thank you for all your cooperation, we are confident that this will help  you and your pet’s time with us continue to be safe and comfortable. 

To schedule a reservation, give us a call at(845) 244-5451 or book via Gingr. We look forward to meeting you!

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  • Pet N Play Promise
    To provide the optimum safety and care of your pets. Pet N Play is veterinary owned and our staff are certified by the Dog Gurus in dog body language and communication.
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    It is our staff that sets us apart from our competitors – We adore animals! And all of our staff display that core value in every aspect of their care. Additionally, we are staffed overnight for 24-hour care
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    Our goal at Pet N Play is to emulate a pet’s life at home and then add in lots of additional fun and attention that makes it “just like home, only better!”