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puppy & Canine Training Academy for dogs 6 months and younger

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Owning a dog is a joyful experience, and dogs who are well trained with solid obedience education are pleasant to interact with, as they respond well to commands and have excellent manners with humans, dogs, and other animals. We offer dog obedience classes for every level so you can build confidence as a handler and have complete control of your dog while having an active role in training them. You’ll be fully immersed with hands-on training, instruction, guidance, and practice so you can work with your dog at home and study the skills you pick up at our obedience classes. 

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Dogs who are trained often enjoy the company of their owner who took the extra time to provide training, socialization, and intellectual stimulation. We offer obedience classes designed for dogs dogs 6 months and younger, and individual sessions for dogs in need of one-on-one training.

Because we know socialization is key to your puppy's success , we offer complementary puppy daycare every Tuesday and Thursday while in puppy training class. Your puppy will grow up playing and making friends with the puppies from their class.  Call (845) 244-5451 or text (845) 562-7861 to find out more about this amazing offer. 

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What Are the Benefits of Dog Obedience Classes? 

You walk away with a lot when you sign up your dog for obedience training, and that means more than just a dog who responds to simple commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “down.” 

Some of the benefits of a well-trained dog include: 

  • Stronger human/pet connections: You will build a greater bond with your dog as you learn how to communicate effectively with them, and this will in turn increase their engagement with you.
  • Better obedience: It’s well worth the investment of signing up for dog training classes. Putting in the work pays off when you see improvement in your dog’s behavior starting right off the bat from the first session.
  • Diminish distractions: Dogs gradually become desensitized to distractions during training time while you work on improving their obedience. This includes things like other dogs in the room and sudden loud noises.
  • Enhanced confidence: Both you and your dog will experience a boost in confidence going through dog training classes so you can become a more confident handler and learn your dog’s communication style.
  • Leash behavior: Our trainers work on building dog’s leash skills and preparing them for off-leash control if that’s something you would like to build up to in the future.

Contact us to learn more about our training class schedule, discuss vaccine requirements, or sign up for our dog training classes in Newburgh, NY. You can reach us at (845) 244-5451!

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